Lies You Tell

As we look back at the excuses we told ourselves postpartum with baby number one it’s quite laughable. Clearly we were making excuses to be lazy and self loathing instead of proactive and positive.

Post-Yus my excuses/lies were:

  • it will lower my milk supply
  • he won’t like the lactic acid build up
  • i don’t have time
  • i’m exhausted
  • don’t have the money for a gym membership

Post-Peyton ~ Elena’s excuses/lies were:

  • too tired
  • no energy
  • i need a gym membership
  • can’t afford the membership
  • i need a trainer
  • i have to lose weight 1st before i workout

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA we were telling some serious lies to ourselves! 🙂 I’m glad we are not making excuses this time around. Instead we are waking up early, hitting the office gym at lunch and exercising with our little ones.

Our babies are our motivators not our excuses.

Keep pushing through  week 4 of #FFM90Days challenge, your results are right around the corner.


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