Who Do You Wear Your Pink For?

A note from my BFFL Krystle:

I’m often asked why or whom my tattoo is for?  Nine times out of 10 I never go into great detail. I have two aunts who were diagnosed with breast cancer, one lost her battle in November 2004, and although she isn’t here, I’m reminded every year that her life was not in vain. So when you ask me, “Who I wear my pink for“, it is for her, and every person who believes one day cancer will stop taking the lives of the ones we love. #iwearmypink for my Aunt!


I wear my pink for those who have lost their battle and for those who are still fighting. Early detection is key. In your 20’s and 30’s make sure you do self breast exams and at your annual visit your doctor performs a breast exam on you as well. In your 40’s be sure to schedule yearly mammograms. If breast cancer runs in your family talk to your doctor and be sure to start regular mammograms early.

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