What’s Your Excuse?

So, the buzz of the day is coming from a mom of 3 who posted the below picture with the caption “What’s Your Excuse?” This photo alone has gotten the mom-averse in an uproar so much so that it was a topic on Good Morning America this morning (video below). Since, my mom made a point to mention it to me this morning I’ve decided to voice my opinion.


Good Morning America

My first reaction to the photo:

Get it girl! That will be ME in 8 months.

I feel the photo is motivational and empowering. It’s amazing how us women can take something meant to be empowering and turn it into something so negative and take it so personally. As if, Maria called you out by name and said, “Hey, (insert your name) get your chunky butt of the couch and workout.” Did she hit your insecurity nerve after having x amount of children that you’re not at your physical best? Or is it because you have consistently given in to your excuses and now here this women is with 3 boys showing what you could be if you don’t give in? Please explain to me why we as women are being so critical of her.

As a working mom of 2, I find myself daily negating my excuses and getting my butt up and working out in our living room. I find that, all too often we read tone into phrases and take things extremely too personal. Instead of looking at the image for what it is, a fit mom with 3 healthy boys.

In my opinion it shows the insecurities so many of us women have that we are willing to lash out and try to make someone else feel bad for their accomplishment. Shame on you “negative excuse giving” Nancy’s.

Instead I say, hats off to you Maria for being brave enough to bare your belly after 3 children (wondering if she uses Palmer’s cocoa butter on those stretch marks like me) :). I’ll be able to post my fabulous after baby picture soon.

YOU GO GIRL! Thanks so much for the motivation and keeping me on my toes. Tonight’s sweat session I’ll push a littler harder because I know it’s possible.


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