Take a Step Back

Saturday and Sunday were a great start to the Holiday season for my family. We spent Saturday evening with family and friends watching The Mag Mile parade. It was cold but Yus’ glee as the floats went by warmed my heart. We had tons of fun!


Garret’s Popcorn float! yum




All bundled for the fun!

Sunday was spent as most of are Sunday’s are at, church. This Sunday’s message really hit J & I as we have over the last month or so really been taking stock of our blessings and how far God has brought us. We attend City Church Chicago and Pastor Kent spoke from Hebrews 11:21:

21 By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of Joseph’s sons, and worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.

Pastor Kent mentioned how we have to take a step back and worship God for our blessings small and large.

There is a Perspective that Produces Worship

Lean on God’s promise.

Are you taking the time to reflect and look back on the marks on your staff and All that God has done for you and your family? If not, take a step back and really look at your life and look at your story. Thank God in this season for where He has brought you from and where He will take you.

Just wanted to drop this little nugget on you all and hope it blesses you like it has blessed me.

‘Tis the season to be Thankful! 


Hebrews 11:21



Turkey Trot Time

It’s Turkey Trot Time!!!


I just registered me and the hubby for the Gobbler’s Run. I’m going to download the Couch-to-5k app and get to work starting tomorrow.  Join me and lets Get It In and Get It Done!!!!



Here is a plan you can follow too


Register for your local race today!!!

Hot Chocolate 5K Recap


Can you tell that I’m nervous?

If I had to describe my first race since having mr. smiles the word I’d use would be AWESOME. Seriously, it was great even though I was nervous because my training for the race was very lack luster, meaning I didn’t run at all. My cardio workouts consisted of strictly Zumba and no running. I don’t by any means recommend that training method as my legs are still on FIRE.

The RaceIMG_5235

I arrived at Grant Park at 7am and found my way to corral Q. There was a chill in the air but not unbearable at all. I was prepared for the cold weather with my gloves and ear warmer headband (purchased at the expo) and I wore my vest plus a long sleeve running shirt. What I wasn’t prepared for was the wait time, 7:45am came and went and I still felt like we weren’t moving fast enough towards the start line.  At 8:10am the buzzer sounded and the people in front of me took off and so did I.  I made it to the overpass on Columbus and I was still running and when we made the left turn on Lower Wacker, your girl was still running. I made it almost the full first mile before I went into my power walk. I was hoofing it during my power walk moments because I didn’t want to fall to far behind pace. I did a slow jog mixed with power walking until I could see the finish line and smell the chocolate. 🙂

IMG_5242 Post Race Party

This is actually the first Post Race Party I’ve attended. It was a nice walk from the finish line to Butler Field but well worth it. I grabbed 2 Gatorade cups along the way and the walk helped me get my legs together as they felt like jello. 🙂 The party consisted of a kids zone, tent with Hot Chocolate 15/5k paraphernalia and of course the finishers mugs. I handed the volunteer my slip from my bib and she handed me the best mug ever. There was a hot cup of hot chocolate in the center, a mini banana, chocolate sauce, mini rice krispie treat, mini wafers, mini pretzels and a large marshmallow.  Being the great mom I am, I sipped the delicious hot chocolate on my walk to get a cap back to my car and I saved the treats so I could share them with Yus. He was very excited! We dipped and ate our treats as he told me how J let him lay in our bed with mr. smiles and they all watched Sprout together while I was running. 🙂


I was so happy to see the end 🙂


yummy finishers mug


finishers mug in hand

Would you run the Hot Chocolate 5k again? 

In a heart beat. It has rejuvenated my wanting to run races and I’m looking forward to a PR in next years race. I want to get better with each race that I run.


my nike+ race activity cut off before I finished

hotchocolate results

results – can’t wait to see my improvement

It’s not too late to find and sign up for a Turkey Trot near you. 🙂 Check our Instagram @fitflymamas for more race day pictures.