Google Much?

Everything you need to know can be found on the internet.

Want to start low carb eating habits? Want to go Paleo/Vegan/Gluten Free? Want to add new workouts to your regime?

There is a site or app for everything these days and it’s just learning how to decipher the facts from the fluff. It’s really not that hard once you’ve searched a few times. So here are a few of my tips to turn you from a novice to an expert in no time.

Tip #1 Use Key Words/Phrases

If you’re looking for low carb smoothies – type that into your search engine. Be as specific as possible and see where it leads you in your discovery of the topic.

Tip #2 Check the Bio/About Section on the blog/website  

Most bloggers or website staffers have their bio or ‘about’ somewhere on their site. I’ve come to find that if a writer is a fitness professional, meaning they went to college and studied Kinesiology or are a certified Personal/Group trainer, their content is factual and based on science and not feeling.

Tip #3 Take It at Face Value 

Just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it’s going to work for You in the same exact way. Always keep yourself and your body in mind. Who knows your body better than you? No one. So, take the positive and go for it, whatever it is you are going for.

Tip #4 Books are Awesome 

I love to read. There are books on every topic you can imagine. So if you find yourself wanting more head over to Amazon or your local bookstore and pick one up.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to know more about a specific topic? What did you do? 


Do Overweight People Burn More Calories?

Yes, they (we) do.

You might think it’s strange me even asking such a question or even doing the subsequent Google search to find the answer. But I did it because my friend has literally been driving me up the wall for the past 3 days trying to figure out, how we are doing the same workouts, for the same amount of time, at the same intensity, with the same heart rate monitor, and I’m burning calories or as KDB but it crushing the calories I burn.

We’ll I was completely over her saying, “My watch is broken” or “I’m so done with this”, that I typed Do Overweight People Burn More Calories. I found very quickly that the answer is YES.

According to and The American Council on Exercise heavy people do burn more calories than lighter people. The caveat is that muscle still burns more than fat. For instance if a 150 lb woman with high body fat were workout with a leaner, muscular 150 lb woman at the same intensity, the lean woman would burn more calories as fat is dead weight.

When your overweight or muscular, it takes more energy to get your body moving and you burn more calories, according to

So, if numbers motivate you and your overweight get out there and move. The amount of calories you burn in a 30 minute sweat session just might surprise you. And as the pounds start to come off, don’t get discourage. Strap on a weight vest or wrist and ankle weights to boost your calorie burn and tone your muscles at the same time.

Have you ever worked out with a friend and been slight discouraged by the numbers? How did you over come it? Tell us in the comments. 

Nike Plus 2013 Year In Review

To my surprise I received a Year in Review for all of my Nike+ activity in 2013. I have to say it was less than stellar. 😦


my Nike+ 2013 activity

The positive is that I can change that this year. Especially knowing that I will get a Year in Review for 2014 and I don’t want it to look the same as 2013.

Nike+ 2014 Goals

Run/Walk 3x/month

I’ll be doing more videos in the winter months since I live in Chiberia 🙂 But come the Spring/Summer/Fall I’ll be walking to the park more days of the week with the boys since the park is a mile from our house.

Run 3 races in 2014

I’m already registered for the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k. I plan to run the Hot Chocolate 5k again this year and I want to do a Color Run and the Run Like a Mother Race on Mother’s Day this year. So I think I will definitely crush this goal.

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That Moment When …

Well it happened. Earlier this evening I walked into a clothing store happy and confident and I walked out DETERMINED.

You might be wondering how it’s even possible, to walk out of a store determined. Here’s what happened:

I needed some new pieces to add to my wardrobe for my new job. I picked up a few blazers, cardigans and sweaters to pair with my jeans and headed to the fitting room. And then it happened… I struggled to put the blazer on. It was tight in the arms and didn’t zipper. SMH ARE YOU SERIOUS! It’s a Large. I immediately thought, this blazer must be cut small. I proceeded to try on the other blazer. And the struggle continued. WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! I grabbed the clothes put them back on the racks and picked up larger sizes. The larger sizes fit well. I went to the counter purchased the clothes and walked out the store DETERMINED to get back to a size that I really feel confident in – not this false sense of confidence I’ve been walking around with.


my current weight

I needed that wake up call. I needed the shock and to really see myself. I don’t know about you guys but I for the most part see myself in a size 8/10 on a regular basis and it’s not until I see myself in a picture that I’m like ARE YOU SERIOUS. Yes, I know I’m 7 months postpartum but I saw myself further a long than this. But I don’t know why because it’s not like I have truly been consistent with my workouts and my “cheat day” has turned into a “cheat couple of days” and “cheat weeks”. When I really haven’t EARNED a cheat day at all. I haven’t put in the hard work or the time to deserve a cheat day.

I’m over – starting over. Making my priority to get in a workout at minimum 3x a week. I have to become consistent and take my health and weight loss seriously.

It’s a lifestyle and I have to really live it.

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