That Moment When …

Well it happened. Earlier this evening I walked into a clothing store happy and confident and I walked out DETERMINED.

You might be wondering how it’s even possible, to walk out of a store determined. Here’s what happened:

I needed some new pieces to add to my wardrobe for my new job. I picked up a few blazers, cardigans and sweaters to pair with my jeans and headed to the fitting room. And then it happened… I struggled to put the blazer on. It was tight in the arms and didn’t zipper. SMH ARE YOU SERIOUS! It’s a Large. I immediately thought, this blazer must be cut small. I proceeded to try on the other blazer. And the struggle continued. WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! I grabbed the clothes put them back on the racks and picked up larger sizes. The larger sizes fit well. I went to the counter purchased the clothes and walked out the store DETERMINED to get back to a size that I really feel confident in – not this false sense of confidence I’ve been walking around with.


my current weight

I needed that wake up call. I needed the shock and to really see myself. I don’t know about you guys but I for the most part see myself in a size 8/10 on a regular basis and it’s not until I see myself in a picture that I’m like ARE YOU SERIOUS. Yes, I know I’m 7 months postpartum but I saw myself further a long than this. But I don’t know why because it’s not like I have truly been consistent with my workouts and my “cheat day” has turned into a “cheat couple of days” and “cheat weeks”. When I really haven’t EARNED a cheat day at all. I haven’t put in the hard work or the time to deserve a cheat day.

I’m over – starting over. Making my priority to get in a workout at minimum 3x a week. I have to become consistent and take my health and weight loss seriously.

It’s a lifestyle and I have to really live it.

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