Nike Plus 2013 Year In Review

To my surprise I received a Year in Review for all of my Nike+ activity in 2013. I have to say it was less than stellar. 😦


my Nike+ 2013 activity

The positive is that I can change that this year. Especially knowing that I will get a Year in Review for 2014 and I don’t want it to look the same as 2013.

Nike+ 2014 Goals

Run/Walk 3x/month

I’ll be doing more videos in the winter months since I live in Chiberia 🙂 But come the Spring/Summer/Fall I’ll be walking to the park more days of the week with the boys since the park is a mile from our house.

Run 3 races in 2014

I’m already registered for the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k. I plan to run the Hot Chocolate 5k again this year and I want to do a Color Run and the Run Like a Mother Race on Mother’s Day this year. So I think I will definitely crush this goal.

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