Travel Expert Kendra Thornton: Simple Tips for a Healthy and Fun Family Vacation

Simple Tips for a Healthy and Fun Family Vacation

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If you are anything like me, your playful children keep you active year-round. I strongly believe that when you look good, you feel even better, which pushes me to stay fit wherever I am. Fitness is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle with some planning ahead. An approaching vacation does not mean your health has to suffer! In honor of this month’s Fit Family Lifestyles, here are a few ways to incorporate healthy living into a great family vacation.

Plan Ahead:

During vacation, everyone likes to splurge on some great food. While it is fine to indulge a little while taking a break from your routine, to avoid stressing about calories, use the weeks before your vacation to exercise harder and eat more healthfully.

Snack Smart:

Snacking is the fastest way to rack up empty calories. Having wholesome, convenient snacks around when hunger strikes is key to avoiding those extra calories. String cheese, trail mix, and fruit are some great alternatives to the notorious chips and candy.

Pack Sneakers:

Active outings are tough without the right equipment. Good shoes are bulky in your suitcase but entirely worth it. Take a long walk with the whole family or go for a heart-pumping run during your vacation. Either way, you get to see more of your destination and your body gets the exercise it craves.

Get Rested:

The exciting itinerary of vacation encourages less sleep, but rest is essential to good health – and a good vacation. Bring the children’s favorite items from home, like books or stuffed animals, to keep them occupied in the car and comfortable at bedtime. Good rest multiplies the fun during the daytime.

Plan It:

Whether for an hour or a day, including active entertainment in your vacation maximizes the fitness and fun for your family. Make a quick stop at a park to enjoy the outdoors, explore a famous landmark, or hike up to a scenic view; your family and your fitness will thank you.

Vacation does not have to be reason to put your health aside. Fitness is a feasible goal even during family vacation if you add a little pre-planning and some imagination. I hope these tips are helpful to you on your fitness journey. Please share your tips for staying fit with your family!

Meet Kendra Thornton

Kendra Thornton Picture

Travel Industry Publicist and Spokeswoman
Kendra Thornton has been packing her bags and traveling the world since she visited the Bahamas at 3 months old. She comes from a family of travel agents and founded Thornton Public Relations LLC in April 2005 in an effort to bring strategic and low cost public relations to start-up and established travel, consumer and technology companies. Ms. Thornton also appears regularly as a travel expert on ABC, CBS, NBC and CW affiliates across the country to share travel trends, tips and deals with millions of viewers every year.


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