Fit Goals: 29By29

Hola! Now that I have officially reached my #29by29 goal I want to take some time and tell you exactly how I did it.

Step 1: The Decision

At the end of December/early January I made the decision to lose 29 pounds by my 29th birthday (June 3rd). I had 5 months to complete my first fit goal. I’m not going to lie it seemed daunting and a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time but I was determined to look better on Mr. Smiles’ 1st birthday than I did on Yus’ and since our birthday’s are 3 days apart I set out to achieve my goal.


Step 2: No Excuses

I had come up with a lot of excuses in my past for not staying consistent to a fitness program.

Old Excuses

  • No time
  • Too Tired
  • Don’t have the funds
  • The kids…

… you get the idea. So, I made the decision to smash the excuses. I made time for MYSELF to get in a workout, I went to bed earlier so I could wake up early and workout before the kids woke up, I did at home workouts – no gym membership required. I stopped saying I didn’t have the money because I was spending it on eating out for breakfast/lunch/dinner and that needed to stop.

Step 3: Just Do It

I purchased Shaun T’s T25 workout because it smashed one of my excuses, “I have no time”. The workout was only 25 minutes. I can carve out 25 minutes for myself, RIGHT? You darn right I can!

I liked the program because I had a schedule I had to stick to every day for the next 10 weeks. That was the longest I had ever committed to a fitness program ever. After the first 5 weeks I lost 10lbs. I was motivated and eating well. I realized in order for me to succeed and reach my goal I needed to have a schedule for every day. The next 5 weeks of Beta was difficult but I survived T25. By my 29th Birthday I had lost 26.6lbs  and a total of 10 inches across my body. 2 weeks later I lost the remainder of the weight to officially reach my 29by29 goal.


1) 4 wks into T25 2) end of T25 3) 6/10/14

Starting Stats:

W: 203lbs   Chest: 36  Waist: 40

Arms: 13.5  Thighs: 24

June 3rd Stats: 

W: 176.6   Chest: 35.5   Waist: 33.5

Arms: 12   Thighs: 22.5

29by29 Stats:

W: 173.8

Chest, Waist, Arms, & Thighs were same as 6/3 stats.




2011 Yus’ 1st Bday vs 2014 Mr. Smiles’ 1st Bday


Needless to say, 29by29 has launched my health & fitness and rekindled my love for running. Since, the end of May I’ve been training for my first ever 10K. I’m so excited because it puts me one step closer to my goal of running a half marathon. I’ll start posting more on my race training and cross training workouts.

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