Fit4Mom & Athleta Event

Hey Mamas!!!


Athleta Oakbrook

Last night was awesome! I attended the Fit4Mom Body Back class & private shopping event at Athleta in Oakbrook Mall. When I arrived the class was in full swing, as I got there late, and the instructors were full of ENERGY. I don’t want to review the class since I missed the warm up but I will say I’ll be taking the class again and once they come to Downers Grove/Westmont area I’ll be signing up for sure. It was such a great class!


Body Back Class



Fit4Mom Chicago West Suburbs instructors & owner

I must say, that I fell in love with Athleta’s active wear and causal gear. 10% of the purchase proceeds were donated to Team Fit4Mom to help in fundraising for Bright Pink’s FabFest 2014. I did a little shopping to support and I’m excited to finally have some no slip headbands and a cute glass camel water bottle. I also grabbed a cute pair of lavender capri pants, to break the pattern of black workout pants I currently own.

All in all the event was great and I’m excited for FabFest 2014 and joining the Fit4Mom Team to raise money for Bright Pink. If you haven’t had the chance to donate please head over to my page and click the donate button. Any amount helps.


Lovely thank you we received after meditation


Fit4Mom instructors, members, & event guests

Such a great event and I look forward to doing more with Fit4Mom!



15K Training: Week 1

As promised, here’s my week 1 training recap. This week was the Warm Up and I ran a total of 14 of the 306.6 planned miles for this program. That number is just so daunting when you look at it 306.6 miles. WHAT THE WHAT. Girl you are CRAY!IMG_4166

But when you break it out over 12 weeks it’s not so bad. I’m just taking it day by day and week by week. Each day I have a plan of what to do.

Monday: Ran 3 miles at an easy, comfortable pace.

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles – 2 of the miles I did a fartlek (Swedish for speed play)

Wednesday: Cross-training; I did NTC Flex Machine, it was a great 30 minute full body workout

Thursday: Rest/Yoga. I’m really seeing the benefits of yoga and a great stretch

Friday: 3 mile run, I ran the last mile faster than the first 2 🙂


Speed training pays

Saturday: 4 mile run, I actually walked 3.27 miles w/ the hubs & Mr. Smiles

Sunday: Rest, I walked 1.7 miles w/ the hubs, boys & my MIL & did a Fit4Mom Body Back Class

My goal of course for the Hot Chocolate 15k is to finish and I want training to be fun not a chore so if that means I hit my weekly miles with running and family walks I’m cool with that. Warm Up week was great and I’m excited to see how the other weeks progress.

NOTE TO SELF purchase some reflective gear as the sunrise is getting later and later.

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Workout Wednesday: Bodyweight Exercises

Are you looking for a workout that requires no equipment, is convenient, versatile and can improve your strength and flexibility?  Then you should incorporate some bodyweight exercises into your routine.

Bodyweight exercises can be modified for every fitness level, they also help to spice up your routines to prevent boredom.

Here are a few moves you can add to your workout.

44 Best (Beginner) Bodyweight Exercises Ever!

44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever for Women – Leigh Lowery


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Fit Fly Mamas: FabFest 2014 + Fit4Mom

fabfest banner


Let what you just saw sync in. 🙂

I am too excited to let you all know that I will be attending FabFest 2014!!!!!!

YASSSS! You guessed it. I’m raising funds for Bright Pink and have joined Team Fit4Mom who just so happens to be apart of this years FabFest 2014 lineup. 🙂 I’m excited to learn more about breast and ovarian cancer and bring all the information back to everyone. Knowledge really is power and early detection can save lives. So, let’s not sit back quietly and say, “It can’t happen to me” or “I don’t have a family history”. Instead, let’s be proactive, know the signs and know the right questions to ask our doctors.

Be Brilliant . Be Bold . Be Bright Pink





Fit Fly Mamas: 15k Training

So, you completed your first 10k training.
Now what?

Well, I’m going to train for a 15k, duh! 🙂

I had planned to post my weekly training for the Chicago 10k on the blog but instead posted all my training to IG. 🙂 I trained with the Nike+ Running App. I did the beginner 10k training and started 2 weeks early to account for some traveling I knew we’d be doing this summer. I’m so glad I stuck to a training program because I ran an awesome first 10k. TOOT TOOT 🙂13.1

So, since training paid off. I’ve decided to use the 13.1 training for the Hot Chocolate 15k that I’ll be running November 9th. I ran the Hot Chocolate 5k race last year. It’s a nice race and this year there is a finishers medal for the 15k. I really do think I run for the BLING these days. 🙂

This time around I’ll be more diligent and compile my training weekly in a post on Sundays, as well as post my runs/workouts on IG.  Training starts Monday, and I couldn’t have planned that better as I’m finding myself at lost for what to do or how long to run. I’m a stickler for schedules when it comes to my workouts. It just works for me.

It’s a 12 week plan with the last day of training being RACE DAY! 🙂 The first 3 weeks follow the same schedule as the 10k training:

Monday: Run

Tuesday: Run

Wednesday: Cross Train

Thursday: Rest/Stretch

Friday: Run

Saturday: Run

Sunday: Rest/Walk

Then it kicks up a notch and I have 5 run days, 1 cross training day, and a rest day. Most of my longs runs are on Saturdays which is perfect for me. There are a few Tuesday long runs which I might have to split between the other run days to complete that weeks mileage. Other than that it’s a really doable program for me. I’m finding that training can be time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be. Hence why, my current race goal is only a half marathon. 🙂

I can’t wait to start sharing my training!