Fit Fly Mamas: Chicago 10K Recap

Hey!!!! Yesterday, I completed my first 10k on my self imposed journey to a half marathon. :p I must say that Fleet Feet Sports, Active and the other sponsors put on a great race.

The Course:



We took a loop around Grant Park and the bulk of the race was spent running the lake front. There were more than enough aid stations along the way 2 on the way out and 2 on the way back. The one down side was that the path we ran was still open to other runners getting their normal Sunday morning workout on and some biker riders. It was easy to navigate around folks after the first mile but the initial clump was a bit difficult to get through at first.

Gift Bag:


Chicago 10k Finisher Shirt

The bag included a great t-shirt and you could opt for a tech tee as well for an additional price during the registration but I choose not to. I might get the tech tee next year.

My Race:

I kept 2 mantras running through my head during the race; 1) Posture, Rhythm, Relax and 2) Run your race. They both kept me going during the race. Run your race was most needed in the first 2.5 miles when I trying to settle into my race pace. As people were passing me it was hard initially for me to not speed up to keep up with them. So, I had to keep saying, Run your race Nkoyo, not theirs.


My first mile felt great. My legs were warmed up, I was relaxed and settling into a groove. Mile 2 was a bit slower because I didn’t want to burn out. Mile 3 was my fastest mile. Mile 4 felt great. I smiled for the camera dude and I think I might have even given a thumbs up. I was also excited to be headed to the finish line. Mile 5 my song came on again Jet Blue Jet – Major Lazer – Free the Universe. The lyrics say, “Can’t stop, can’t stop…” over and over again during the chorus. It’s just a great motivator and the beat helps my run cadence. Mile 6 was no lie the toughest. IΒ  was ready for the race to be over :p but I could see and hear the finish line so stopping wasn’t an option. I kept reciting Posture, Rhythm, & Relax it’s almost over. πŸ™‚


My splits πŸ™‚


When it was all said and done, I ran sub 12:00 minute miles for all 6 miles and that’s a big accomplishment for me. I’ve set the bar high for myself and I’m proud that I trained for this race. It showed me that when you train hard you’ll reap the rewards on race day. πŸ™‚








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