15K Training: Week 1

As promised, here’s my week 1 training recap. This week was the Warm Up and I ran a total of 14 of the 306.6 planned miles for this program. That number is just so daunting when you look at it 306.6 miles. WHAT THE WHAT. Girl you are CRAY!IMG_4166

But when you break it out over 12 weeks it’s not so bad. I’m just taking it day by day and week by week. Each day I have a plan of what to do.

Monday: Ran 3 miles at an easy, comfortable pace.

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles – 2 of the miles I did a fartlek (Swedish for speed play)

Wednesday: Cross-training; I did NTC Flex Machine, it was a great 30 minute full body workout

Thursday: Rest/Yoga. I’m really seeing the benefits of yoga and a great stretch

Friday: 3 mile run, I ran the last mile faster than the first 2 🙂


Speed training pays

Saturday: 4 mile run, I actually walked 3.27 miles w/ the hubs & Mr. Smiles

Sunday: Rest, I walked 1.7 miles w/ the hubs, boys & my MIL & did a Fit4Mom Body Back Class

My goal of course for the Hot Chocolate 15k is to finish and I want training to be fun not a chore so if that means I hit my weekly miles with running and family walks I’m cool with that. Warm Up week was great and I’m excited to see how the other weeks progress.

NOTE TO SELF purchase some reflective gear as the sunrise is getting later and later.

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