15k Training: Week 2

I crushed Weeimage (2)k 2 and it feels great! It doesn’t hurt that Nike+ hypes me up with cool graphics and reminds me that I did indeed CRUSH week 2. AHAHA! I know it’s early in training and I still have 10 weeks to go but I plan on celebrating as I go because small victories work best for me. Each week of training I complete is a success. It means that I SMACKED my excuses in the face every day I woke up early to do a run or cross-train.

I had to travel for work last week and made sure I got in my 5 miles Tuesday morning before my road trip to MSU with co-workers. I packed my workout clothes and hit the hotel gym Wednesday morning for my cross-training session and I was so glad I did because I needed every ounce of energy to work BTS in our store. Nonetheless week 2 was great.

I’m an avid follower of Hal Higdon’s Marathon FB page and he posted this little nugget yesterday that was an Ah-Moment for me:

TIP OF THE DAY: In any long distance race, except at the elite level, you do not beat others, as you might in a mile or a 100-meter dash. Instead, you achieve a personal victory. If others finish in front or behind you, it is only that their personal victories are more or less than yours. A person finishing behind you with less talent, or of a different age or sex, or various other limiting factors, may have achieved a far greater victory. And if the person’s main goal in running the race was to raise money for charity, the amount of money collected may be a more important barometer of success than finishing time.

BOOM that gave me more motivation to always RUN MY RACE!

image (9)

Hotel Gym, East Lansing, MI cross-training day

image (3)

Week 2/12 Complete


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