Training Weeks 7 & On …

This post will suffice for the remainder of my training. The hubs started traveling again for work at the beginning of this month, which meant I had to alter my training schedule a bit. Sadly, I’m not running in the mornings anymore since it’s just me & my 2 boys during the week. Instead, I’ve been hitting up my T25 dvd’s hard-core, even doubling up on days that aren’t Friday. I like my fit self! 🙂

On Saturday’s or Sunday’s I’ve been logging miles. Week 7 was a nice 5 mile run. Week 8 I managed 3.1 in the rain and this Saturday, week 7 was an easy 7 miles. I’m hoping to get in another 9 mile run this Saturday so I can have two 9 mile runs under my belt before race day. This time last year I wouldn’t have thought I ‘d be logging this many miles in one run, but I’m so glad I am.


I’m my best competition

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