Nike+ Your Story. Your Movement. Your 2014

I’m geeked! ūüôā

For some reason my Nike+ year in review was stuck in my spam folder. I’m proud to say that I accomplished all of the running goals I set for myself last year after looking at my Nike+ 2013 Year in Review¬†post.

I ran the following races:

I used the Coach feature on the Nike+ app to train and it was fun and motivating. I learned that I need to stick to a schedule and need to know the amount of miles I should run on any given day.

This year Nike has taken the year in review to another level. Your Story. Your Movement. Your 2014 with Nike+. I was provided the below uber motivational video of my 2014 running accomplishments. I kept see these videos on FB, Twitter and YouTube and I wanted one so bad. And all along it was sitting in my spam folder waiting for me to find it.

I signed up for the Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon last week and I’m thinking about running the Chicago 10K again, as that was a really nice race. Looks like my 2015 race season is going to be great one.

Did you set any fitness/running goals for yourself last year? How many were you able to check off your list?