Fit Fly Mamas’ mission is to promote healthy living. And as wives and  mothers we realize it starts with us at home. We want to reach other moms who want to lead a healthy lifestyle,  feel and look great, all while raising their families. This is our space to document our weight loss journey, share fitness finds and ultimately have an open dialogue about motherhood, fitness, and lifestyle changes.

Our journey began when we both noticed that we could no longer call or make the excuses for  the “baby weight” that we still had a year after we had our first kids. For us it helped that we are family, around the same age, married the same year and had our children in the same year. So it worked perfect for us to become  each others accountability partners.  Once we began putting our plan in motion, to lose the weight and get healthy, we decided to start Fit Fly Mamas to share our journey and encourage others along theirs.

If you’d like to see something on our blog, suggest a trainer interview or just provide some feedback please feel free to email us at

Yes, we are social Mamas too, go ahead and connect with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Elena’s Twitter: FitFlyMamasEPL

Nkoyo’s Twitter: FitFlyMamasNWR




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