Nursing Style: the pull down

Most of these dresses you may already have in your closet which is a major plus. The pull down dress allows easy access for nursing moms and baby. Pair these dresses with your favorite summer sandals and some cute accessories and don’t forget your nursing cover/scarf if your more on the modest side.

the pull down

I love summer dresses. They allow me to still feel cute and they are so easy for mommy duty.

Are you a maxi or a short dress girl?


Nursing Style: the button down

So, you will hear me say this a million times but I’m not the biggest fan of nursing tops. To avoid them I have found the use of a button down to be my new best friend. As a former uniform wearing, card-carrying catholic school girl, button downs were nonexistent in my wardrobe. Until now!!!

Nursing Style - the button down

How cute are these tops with a nursing tank or just a nursing bra underneath… Still fashionable yet with such easy access.


Do you have a go to top for nursing? Let us know what it is in the comments, on Facebook, or @FitFlyMamasNWR or @FitFlyMamasEPL.

Nursing Style 101

So, I have seen tons of post on pregnancy style and the best ways to stay stylish without breaking the bank during pregnancy. Rarely have I ever seen postnatal style or better styling for nursing (breastfeeding). So, this next 9 months to a year I want to post my outfits in an effort to stay more stylish this time around. I don’t really have to many photos of myself during my 9 months of nursing with Yus. Why? Because I looked a HOT MESS and didn’t dress conveniently for nursing or pumping all the time.

Nursing Basics

Here are a few tips and basics:

  1. The nursing bra – last time I only had 2. Seriously, what was I thinking. This time I bought 5. I went to Destination Maternity, got measured and was reminded that I should leave a little room for when my breast fill up. You don’t want to have a ton of room in the cup (just a little to avoid the 4 boob) so when you’re not full your tops still look smooth.
  2. Nursing tanks – they come in a multitude of colors. My go to colors are black, white, and gray. So, I can wear them under tops as well as alone but this season I did purchase a yellow and pink tank as well. NOTE: I wear my nursing bra with the tank, for added support and coverage.
  3. Lanolin – a nursing moms BFF – enough said! 🙂
  4. Belly Bandit – I didn’t find out about this little gem until 6 months postpartum. SMH what was I doing… But I did purchase the Couture Belly Bandit in black (Large) this time around… can’t wait to review this for you guys…

These are currently helping me… more nursing style posts to come…

Do/Did you have any basics that got you through nursing your baby? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or @FitFlyMamaNWR or @FitFlyMamaEPL we’d love to know what worked for you!