2015 Goals + A Giveaway!

Hey FitFlyMamas

I wanted to share a few of my 2015 goals with you. My good friend posted a 15 for 2015 on her FB page and it got me thinking I should do the same. I’m not big on resolutions because whenever I’ve made one in the past I either forget about it or just didn’t complete the task. I have however, done a good job of completing the goals I’ve made for myself. It could just be a thing I have with word choice. 🙂 So, this year I want to make a list of my fitness goals (and 1 personal) that I want to accomplish. It’s not near 15 but it’s 5 strong goals.

1) Finish a Half Marathon

2) Become a Fit4Mom Body Back Instructor

3) Get my CPR Certification

4) Run more Races

5) Spontaneous Family Fun 🙂

… And now for the giveaway! I’m super excited to help one of you achieve your fitness goals this year. I’ve teamed up with SweatPink to giveaway 1 Free Month of Gigabody.

Gigabody.com is the best place to find empowering online workout videos that help you rock a healthy lifestyle. With Gigabody, find all your favorite workouts and do them anywhere, anytime – cardio, sculpting, yoga, dance, kickboxing and so much more!

I’ve had a chance to watch and do some of the videos and they are fun and levels 3 and 4 will torch some calories.


If you like Zumba or dance cardio workouts then you’ll enjoy Sweating Sexy and Body Boom Club. I like kickboxing, so I enjoyed the Take 20! Cardio Kickboxing workouts and the 30 Minutes to Fitness TLC Workout 2, looks like a good one as well.


  • Great for beginner and intermediate levels
  • Different types of workouts from cardio to strength and yoga
  • Short on time – 10 – 60 minute workouts are available
  • 4 levels
  • Workout plans to help you stay on track


I don’t really have any major dislikes, other than, I thought the Body Boom video was a bit one-takish. Like they only had one take to do the video and any mistakes made they just rolled with it. 🙂

All-in-all I think Gigabody is a fun an easy way to add fitness into your busy schedule. You’re already on your laptop, just login and pick a workout and get moving. 🙂

Enter now:
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We’ll select the winner on Monday 1/12/15.

** I did receive 2 months free to view and try the videos but all opinions are my own.


That Moment When …

Well it happened. Earlier this evening I walked into a clothing store happy and confident and I walked out DETERMINED.

You might be wondering how it’s even possible, to walk out of a store determined. Here’s what happened:

I needed some new pieces to add to my wardrobe for my new job. I picked up a few blazers, cardigans and sweaters to pair with my jeans and headed to the fitting room. And then it happened… I struggled to put the blazer on. It was tight in the arms and didn’t zipper. SMH ARE YOU SERIOUS! It’s a Large. I immediately thought, this blazer must be cut small. I proceeded to try on the other blazer. And the struggle continued. WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! I grabbed the clothes put them back on the racks and picked up larger sizes. The larger sizes fit well. I went to the counter purchased the clothes and walked out the store DETERMINED to get back to a size that I really feel confident in – not this false sense of confidence I’ve been walking around with.


my current weight

I needed that wake up call. I needed the shock and to really see myself. I don’t know about you guys but I for the most part see myself in a size 8/10 on a regular basis and it’s not until I see myself in a picture that I’m like ARE YOU SERIOUS. Yes, I know I’m 7 months postpartum but I saw myself further a long than this. But I don’t know why because it’s not like I have truly been consistent with my workouts and my “cheat day” has turned into a “cheat couple of days” and “cheat weeks”. When I really haven’t EARNED a cheat day at all. I haven’t put in the hard work or the time to deserve a cheat day.

I’m over – starting over. Making my priority to get in a workout at minimum 3x a week. I have to become consistent and take my health and weight loss seriously.

It’s a lifestyle and I have to really live it.

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FFM90Day Update

We are already at week 3 of the #FFM90Day Challenge and I must admit I have been struggling.  I started out strong and then at about week 2 I began to fall off track.  I have been pretty consistent (minus week 2) with my workouts but my eating has been out of control.  A lot of emotional eating has taken place and with the holiday and long weekend that didn’t help either.  So, on the 2nd I recommitted myself and I am determined to get my butt in gear. 🙂

20day till 30 day

I know I may not see a huge change on day 30, but days 60 and 90 will be amazing.

FFM90Day pic

I know I have to do this because over the last month my Dr. has told me that I’m border line pre-diabetic and she’d like to put me on a second med for my headaches (which she thinks are weight/stress related).  So, I have no choice at this point.  No More Excuses!!!

Keep up the good work and know that you can do it.

imagesdjljljkj imagesmind

Can’t wait to share my progress! Keep posting pictures and comments on FB, Twitter and Instagram @FitFlyMamas #FFM90Days.

FFM90Day Challenge: Check-in

So, we are in the 2nd week of the challenge and I must say I’m feeling great! This morning instead of my usual Zumba Rush workout I switched to Mel B’s total body workout. I’m hoping I can stick with this DVD for the remainder of September and maybe just do Zumba on the weekends. My plan is, since Mel’s video has a toning/weight section this will allow me to add lean muscle which will help me burn more fat cells. DIE FAT CELLS DIE! 🙂

September Goals: 

  • Drop 3 lbs
  • Make it thru Mel B’s cardio section 🙂 it’s not easy
  • Add more veggies to my diet
  • Start thinking of healthy Halloween snack options 🙂

Can’t wait to share my progress! Keep posting pictures and comments on FB, Twitter and Instagram @FitFlyMamas #FFM90Days.


It takes 21 days to start a habit and we are just 9 days away from a healthy, life changing habit. 🙂

Fall In To Your Goals This Fall

It is now mid October and time is just nicely passing by.  Before you know it Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here.   So this got me thinking about the nice list of things that Co and I set out  to accomplish this month.  Which both of us are a bit behind on.

So this post is a reminder to Fall In To Your Goals This Fall.  Anything that you have set out to try/accomplish over this year or the past few months just fall back in line and get things going.

Weather they are mommy goals, personal goals, career goals, fitness goals or educational goals.  Put a plan in action and go for it.

So Co you and I need to take some of the following steps for some of our Mommy, Personal and Fitness goals:

Co and I- Sleep training (we have to get this under control ASAP)

Co- Getting Yus Potty trained

P- Working on Photography (take a picture every day)

Co- Fitness goals: eating is under control lets get these workouts together. Get It In Get It Done!!!

Top Ten Ways to Get Back on Track and Achieve the Success You Desire

1. Notice Quickly.

2. Correction Without Invalidation.

3. Get Back to Your Goals.

4. Revisit Your Why.

5. Set Your Priorities.

6. Get an Accountability Partner.

7. Join a Mastermind Team.

8. Minimize Distractions.

9. Make it Fun and Interesting.

10. Become Confident in Your Plans of Actions.

What are some of your goals that you need to fall back in to?