Hot Chocolate 15k Recap

I did it. I finished the Hot Chocolate 15k in under 2 hours.


the banana was great – I didn’t eat any of the chocolate

I have to say I was mentally prepared to stand in the cold for 30-45 minutes from my corrals official start time as I did last year but this year it moved faster and I started 10 minutes after the 7:45am start time. Could it be because I was in corral N this year instead of corral Q? That might be the reason entirely. 🙂


it was a bit chilly outside

I had a great breakfast of PB, banana and 2 cliff shot blocks. I should have taken 3 as I about died at mile 8. I’ll get to that later. James and the boys dropped me off around 7am. I hit the port-a-potty and did some light stretching and before I knew it we were moving to the start line.

Mile by Mile

Mile 1 – 11:29 – went by SUPER DUPER FAST. Like seriously, I was booking it and trying to talk myself into moving slower but that didn’t happen

Mile 2 – 11:09 – was faster than mile 1. Clearly I was on adrenalin and the excitement of the race


nike+ i love this app

Mile 3 – 11:17 – finally I started to get into a grove and just run my race

Mile 4 – 11:35 – this is when I got extra happy because I clocked this mile just 1 minute slower than last year’s Hot Chocolate 5k. It felt great to know that my weight loss and training paid off 🙂

Mile 5 – 11:52 – by this point we had been running on S. Michigan for so long that I know longer knew where I was, so I was taking in the sites and trying not to zone out to my music. I made a BOMB playlist.

Mile 6 – 11:41 – another exciting moment. I clocked my 10k time 3 minutes faster than the Chicago 10k race I ran in August

Mile 7 – 11:49 – at this point, we had crossed over Lake Shore Drive and were headed to the Arie Crown Theater. Back into territory that I knew. I also, started to get tired and I popped a Cliff Shot Block. I should have taken 3 instead of 2 in the morning and I also should have popped the other 3 Shots around the half way point or mile 5. Lesson learned.

Mile 8 – 12:02 – I’m not even going to lie. I was over the race at this point. We were entering into Museum Campus area and I never thought we’d make it to Columbus Drive.

Mile 9 – 12:36 – Can anyone tell me why the last mile always feels like 3 miles?? Seriously. I felt like I was running forever. When I saw the finish line I booked it. Raised my arms & gave a big smile because the race was finally over.

BOOM. SMASHED ANOTHER GOAL and it feels so GOOD! I think I might stay at this distance for awhile. Yes, I could have gone longer if I had to but I was so glad I didn’t have too.


minutes after crossing the finishing line


headed to get my finishers mug

I’ll be putting together my race schedule for the 2015 race season soon. If you have any races you’ve loved let me know so I can check them out. I’m hoping to tackle an obstacle race with the hubs and possibly a half marathon. 🙂

~ Challenge yourself friends


Fit Fly Mamas: 15k Training

So, you completed your first 10k training.
Now what?

Well, I’m going to train for a 15k, duh! 🙂

I had planned to post my weekly training for the Chicago 10k on the blog but instead posted all my training to IG. 🙂 I trained with the Nike+ Running App. I did the beginner 10k training and started 2 weeks early to account for some traveling I knew we’d be doing this summer. I’m so glad I stuck to a training program because I ran an awesome first 10k. TOOT TOOT 🙂13.1

So, since training paid off. I’ve decided to use the 13.1 training for the Hot Chocolate 15k that I’ll be running November 9th. I ran the Hot Chocolate 5k race last year. It’s a nice race and this year there is a finishers medal for the 15k. I really do think I run for the BLING these days. 🙂

This time around I’ll be more diligent and compile my training weekly in a post on Sundays, as well as post my runs/workouts on IG.  Training starts Monday, and I couldn’t have planned that better as I’m finding myself at lost for what to do or how long to run. I’m a stickler for schedules when it comes to my workouts. It just works for me.

It’s a 12 week plan with the last day of training being RACE DAY! 🙂 The first 3 weeks follow the same schedule as the 10k training:

Monday: Run

Tuesday: Run

Wednesday: Cross Train

Thursday: Rest/Stretch

Friday: Run

Saturday: Run

Sunday: Rest/Walk

Then it kicks up a notch and I have 5 run days, 1 cross training day, and a rest day. Most of my longs runs are on Saturdays which is perfect for me. There are a few Tuesday long runs which I might have to split between the other run days to complete that weeks mileage. Other than that it’s a really doable program for me. I’m finding that training can be time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be. Hence why, my current race goal is only a half marathon. 🙂

I can’t wait to start sharing my training!

Hot Chocolate 5K Recap


Can you tell that I’m nervous?

If I had to describe my first race since having mr. smiles the word I’d use would be AWESOME. Seriously, it was great even though I was nervous because my training for the race was very lack luster, meaning I didn’t run at all. My cardio workouts consisted of strictly Zumba and no running. I don’t by any means recommend that training method as my legs are still on FIRE.

The RaceIMG_5235

I arrived at Grant Park at 7am and found my way to corral Q. There was a chill in the air but not unbearable at all. I was prepared for the cold weather with my gloves and ear warmer headband (purchased at the expo) and I wore my vest plus a long sleeve running shirt. What I wasn’t prepared for was the wait time, 7:45am came and went and I still felt like we weren’t moving fast enough towards the start line.  At 8:10am the buzzer sounded and the people in front of me took off and so did I.  I made it to the overpass on Columbus and I was still running and when we made the left turn on Lower Wacker, your girl was still running. I made it almost the full first mile before I went into my power walk. I was hoofing it during my power walk moments because I didn’t want to fall to far behind pace. I did a slow jog mixed with power walking until I could see the finish line and smell the chocolate. 🙂

IMG_5242 Post Race Party

This is actually the first Post Race Party I’ve attended. It was a nice walk from the finish line to Butler Field but well worth it. I grabbed 2 Gatorade cups along the way and the walk helped me get my legs together as they felt like jello. 🙂 The party consisted of a kids zone, tent with Hot Chocolate 15/5k paraphernalia and of course the finishers mugs. I handed the volunteer my slip from my bib and she handed me the best mug ever. There was a hot cup of hot chocolate in the center, a mini banana, chocolate sauce, mini rice krispie treat, mini wafers, mini pretzels and a large marshmallow.  Being the great mom I am, I sipped the delicious hot chocolate on my walk to get a cap back to my car and I saved the treats so I could share them with Yus. He was very excited! We dipped and ate our treats as he told me how J let him lay in our bed with mr. smiles and they all watched Sprout together while I was running. 🙂


I was so happy to see the end 🙂


yummy finishers mug


finishers mug in hand

Would you run the Hot Chocolate 5k again? 

In a heart beat. It has rejuvenated my wanting to run races and I’m looking forward to a PR in next years race. I want to get better with each race that I run.


my nike+ race activity cut off before I finished

hotchocolate results

results – can’t wait to see my improvement

It’s not too late to find and sign up for a Turkey Trot near you. 🙂 Check our Instagram @fitflymamas for more race day pictures.

Hot Chocolate 15/5K Race – Chicago!

I am so excited and nervous for the Hot Chocolate 5k this Sunday. I have wanted to run this race forever and finally got up the nerve to pay the entrance fee. I received my start corral  (corral Q) and all the information for packet pickup at McCormick Place this weekend and once again if you can’t tell I am beyond excited!!!

I am seriously running for chocolate. 🙂 And…

… the awesome goodie bag, which after my shower I will be sporting to church.


This is the visual I will most likely have in my head to keep my run/walk pace when I start to get winded and tired. As the post race party just looks and sounds ah-mazing! 🙂


I can’t say that I’m excited to run in the cold weather but I know the hot chocolate will warm me up just fine.

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