Workout Wednesday: Give Me 20… Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout

New Workout: Surfset Fitness

I was flipping through ‘The View’ clips on Hulu yesterday and came across Sherri  Shepherd’s ‘Hot New Workouts’ segments. Of course I was glued and the one that caught my attention was Surfset Fitness. I’ve always had this fantasy ever since the movie Blue Crush of being a surfer and having an endorsement deal with Hurley or O’Neill and getting on the cover of Surf Magazine. HA! 🙂

So, I digress and back to Sherri’s segment. One of the workouts she showcased was with Sarah Ponn and Surfset Fitness. This workout is amazeballs and I could at least pretend that I was a great surfer after several workouts.

Here is a clip of Sherri – I absolutely love her commitment, this is truly a full body workout.

Sherri & Surfset Fitness

I already signed up to get an email when Surfset Fitness hits gyms in Chicago. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to sign up for a class. I just might become a recreational surfer! YES!! 🙂

Have you heard of or tried any new workouts lately?

Workout Wednesday: Total Body Workout

Today lets work on the Total Body.

Here is a 20 min total body workout from Women’sHealth

dotted line

Test the Water Squat and Bicep Curl

dotted line

Take a Walk

dotted line

Rotational Lunge and Shoulder Press

dotted line

Warrior Three Tricep Extension

dotted line

Plank with Front Raise

dotted line

Sumo Squat Side Knee Raise and Side Crunch

dotted line

Swiss Thigh and Fly

Here are some additional videos that can help you out too.

Let us know what exercises you like to incorporate into your total body routine.