15k Training: Week 3

I finished week 3 and I’m feeling OK. I started getting some stiffness/soreness in my right knee which I think is related to my running shoes. I’ve had them since 2011. Don’t judge me. LOL Back then I wasn’t training nor exercising, let alone running consistently. Now, that exercise and running has become a part of my life I’m going to have to get some new running shoes soon (most likely today), so that this knee issue doesn’t turn into an injury.

Week 3 was Build A Base week. I like how each week you are setting out and accomplishing a small goal that will lead to the ultimate goal of your race. All of my runs were in the morning some before 6am. 🙂 I really enjoy morning runs & workouts. I killed my long run on Saturday, a comfortable pace, 6 mile run. It felt great to be able to run non-stop. Next week is an 8 mile run. I’ll have to see how my knees are doing but I’m sure I’ll be good to do a nice run/walk pace if need be.

photo 2

Week 3 Recap

photo 3

This weeks motivation

photo 1

Kettlebell Kickboxing POWER – cross-training


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